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2020 Silver Linings: Working with my Hands

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Written by: Chris Costello

I love what I do. For twelve years, I have been planning meetings and conferences for small to mid-sized businesses. The reason that I enjoy what I do is because assisting and hosting people is part of who I am. I thrive when my clients and their guests feel taken care of. To do this I spend a lot of time in preparation for the events that I organize and host, so I have not had a lot of extra time for working in our yard. That all changed in March when we were grounded and our household went into quarantine.

Our side yard has been an eye sore since we moved into our house. Between the overgrown weeds and a pile of debris that we inherited when we moved in, it was a mess that we avoided at all cost. The main part of our backyard is very well maintained and very relaxing so we could forget that it was there unless we looked out our office window. Luckily we didn’t really have time in our schedule to look out that window, so it didn’t bother me that much.

So when I found myself with a great deal of extra time this year and no place to go, I decided to fix the side yard. I thought that it would take me a weekend and then I could find something else to do. It’s ten months later, and I am still working on it. I am now in the fourth phase of fixing the side yard. I have cleared debris, dug out old tree stumps, added borders, built garden boxes, and done a number of other improvements. What was once an eyesore has become an area that Christie and I really enjoy working in. She loves to garden, and I love building a place for her to do that.

The awesome thing is I have found out new things about myself that I probably never would have found out if not for this upside-down year. I discovered that I really enjoy landscaping. There is something about getting my hands down in the dirt that makes me feel grounded and relaxed. The side yard has become a place that I can go when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed to reflect and calm my nerves as I work on some new project there. I have also discovered that a lot of the routines and patterns that I use to plan conferences and travel have served me well as I have worked outside.

Discovering this new side of myself has truly been a silver lining this year. As I look to next year and to travel picking up, I am excited to discover how my new hobby will make me better at serving my clients.

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