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  • Dacoda Maddalone

Why Travel Advisors will Lead the Way Post-COVID

We’ve always known that utilizing a travel consultant for trip planning was a good idea (of course, we chose this profession!) But lately, we’ve been hearing even more feedback from our clients that they are so glad they had us when COVID-19 shut down all travel, interrupted their trip plans and made receiving their refunds a wild goose chase.

The truth is, we’re happy we were there for them too! It’s our main priority to make sure that our clients face the least amount of stress when planning, preparing, traveling AND if things go south, returning safely and quickly.

No one could have predicted the rapid shutdown that COVID-19 was going to bring to travel. The good news is that we have all the resources we need to handle it for our clients.

As the current pandemic continues to be felt all over the globe, there is still much uncertainty about what the future of the travel industry will look like. As a travel advisor, our focus is to stay in touch with tourism leaders and suppliers, aiding in the industry’s comeback and making sure that our travel family is kept at ease.

Here’s what we’ve been reading in public journals and articles about why travel advisors and consultants will be a leading force in tourism post-COVID...

Essential Expertise

We know there are so many questions and natural concerns when it comes to booking our client’s next vacation. “Will I be safe?” “Will I be putting my family at risk?” “Will I be placing my finances at risk?”

We get it. That’s why we’ve been making use of this time of halted travel by investing into our industry knowledge and being sure to stay up-to-date with the constantly changing policies and global safety statements.

Global tourism leader and President/CEO of Airline Dork, Brett Snyder, said it best,

..."how can I visit the places I want to go, but still remain safe?” and I think that’s going to be hard for most travelers to do on their own. So getting someone who’s an expert in certain areas will make a huge difference, not only in helping travelers have a great experience, but also giving them peace of mind having someone with knowledge and expertise working for them.

Supplier Relationships

Behind the scenes of a perfectly tailored vacation are lots of hands working to make it all happen.

There’s us, of course, working to make sure that we listen well to everything our client dreams of for their vacation and assist them in making it a reality. And then, there are our suppliers: resorts, hotel chains, transportation companies, land and sea tour companies, cruise lines and airlines, restaurants and resorts! As our states and nations around the world begin to open up to travel again, we’ve been in non-stop communication with our trusted suppliers to stay “in the know” with where they’re at and how they are responding to the pandemic.

The fact is, COVID has affected the tourism industry in more ways than one. Our job, to serve our clients, is to make sure that they vacation with suppliers who are reliable, proactive, hygiene-aware, and have you as their first priority post-lockdown.

We Have our Client’s Backs!

Whatever our clients need when it comes to travel, we’ve got them covered. We always have, and we won’t stop now!

One of our beloved clients had a trip to Argentina planned for her family of 4 that was meant to take place just two weeks after the COVID-19 global lockdown hit. We’d been working on the itinerary together for many months! She was disappointed to have to postpone her travel, but SO relieved that we were there to help her family through it. Here’s what she had to say...

I cannot express how wonderful these ladies are! We had a pretty complex family trip to Argentina planned before COVID hit. Once we realized this trip was not going to be possible with COVID, Christie and Dacoda came up with a swift plan to tackle all the cancellations, refunds and presented all the options. to me quickly. I would NOT even have known where to start.. We had a detailed itinerary with accommodations and activities suitable for my young daughters (one of whom is autistic) . Christie and Dacoda were mindful of what activities would be autism friendly and made sure the tours/activities would work for our family. In the end, they provided a beautiful app with an itinerary and additional logistical details. We will still make it to Argentina and other destinations and look forward to using Globe Sage Travel. These ladies are truly a dynamic duo - you can just sit back and enjoy dreaming about your trip!

We are looking forward to her future travel to Argentina when the world opens up again! And we look forward to your future travel, too.

We understand that now, more than ever, you need someone to help you make wise decisions when it comes to your travel plans. That’s what we’re here for!

So, take a deep breath and reach out to us...we’d love to be there for you.

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