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  • Christie Costello

What is Sustainable & Responsible Tourism? Part 1

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

We talk a lot about sustainable travel here at GlobeSage, but what exactly does that mean and what does it look like to become a more sustainable traveler?

When most people hear the term sustainable, they think of the environment (and rightly so), but this is really only one aspect of our focus. We like the terms responsible travel and thoughtful travel because they feel more comprehensive and capture our heart for the way we want to love and care for those we encounter in addition to lessening our impact on the globe. Each aspect of responsible travel plays a significant role in our interactions with the world around us. For us, when we talk about sustainable or responsible travel, we are using this as an umbrella term that focuses on tourism that is:

  • Environmentally-conscious: leaving a light footprint, environmentally speaking, with regards to nature, natural resources, animal welfare, and climate impact

  • Culturally respectful: valuing differences among people groups and cultures, growing in our own cultural intelligence, and maintaining a humble-learner posture when engaging with cultures that differ from our own

  • Locally-beneficial: focussing our tourism dollars on activities that economically benefit the community we are visiting as much as possible

In this series, we will do a deeper dive into each element of responsible, sustainable tourism and how they contribute to creating the kinds of experiences that could change the world, or at the very least, change you and me.

I will never claim I’ve arrived. Throughout our entire lives, we are at different points in our growth journeys. We even have to readjust when new information comes to light. But I want to be the kind of person, and lead the kind of company that is always learning and growing in how I care for people and the globe. I want to be a globe sage.

Find out if you already practice sustainable, responsible tourism by taking our fun, 3-minute quiz HERE.

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