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  • Victoria Bly

What Does a Vaccine Mean for Travel?

There is much to celebrate because of the recent news regarding the early results from Covid-19 vaccine trials. Not only are many people going to be helped because of this vaccine, but we are also heading toward being able to get back into the swing of normal living. Which, exciting for us, means travel will be much less stressful and uncertain, and instead be compelling and exciting once again!

Good News!

In our research we learned that, *Pfizer and BioNTech announced recently that preliminary results from their phase 3 vaccine trial showed a more than 90% effectiveness. More info here. (For comparison, annual flu vaccines are 40-60% effective, while the measles vaccine is 97% effective.)

Of course, the initial recipients of the vaccine will likely be those in the healthcare field and those who are more at-risk than others. But still, this news brought so much comfort to our hearts as we are longing for the days where not only will we be able to hug the necks of our closest friends, but also join them on a well deserved vacation. We are more hopeful than ever that there will be a solution to this problem sooner than later.

How “normal” is normal?

Although we are yearning for the time that things will return to normal, I think it’s important to note that we will still be learning how to live in the “new normal”.

With an effective vaccine that is proven to be safe, travel is sure to be something that is no longer such a massive risk. The security that will come with having this vaccine will be something that springs us back into the groove.

With that said, we do foresee some things continuing in our “new normal” for quite a while. Wearing masks will probably be a safety precaution that will continue to be enforced, as well as regularly getting tested before and after traveling outside of our country.

A big plus is that we imagine travel restrictions will begin to loosen, and American travelers will be welcomed with open arms once again.

An Expectant Heart

In short, having a vaccine will be something that absolutely affects the travel industry. Not only will it shift things in our industry, but we believe that it will have a huge impact on the mental health of many. We are expectant to get back out there and travel this beautiful world. We will never take health, travel, safety, handshakes, and hugs for granted again! Who’s with us?!

*This is accurate as of 11/18/2020, though we realize that news on vaccines changes quickly.

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