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Traveling with priceless peace of mind

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We can probably all agree that travel is supposed to be fun. Vacations are taken to get away from daily stress and create unforgettable memories! So when unforeseen circumstances (a global pandemic, for example) cause travelers to change previously made plans without warning the ease and excitement of traveling quickly turns into stress and worry. That is when a travel agent can be the saving grace of any trip.

Taking care of your trip planning needs is just one piece of a travel advisor’s job. You’ll find that they are indeed experts in planning itineraries and arranging transportation, but when the planning ends, the benefits of a travel advisor are only just beginning.

"I had a client heading to the Middle East and Asia when COVID spiked and he had to cancel the second destination. He was pricing out return flights and coming up with an additional cost of almost $2000. We worked on our side to get refunds and reschedules. In the end, his revised trip was only about $100 more! Yes, we saved him over $1500 in about 30 minutes!"

This story from our founder Christie Costello is one of many examples of how our blindsided clients saved literally thousands of dollars by working with us.

Though some travel agents do not charge planning fees, the advisors who do are worth every penny! Planning fees pay for their time in the initial research process, but the bulk of their income comes from commissions. This means the cost to you is kept incredibly low. You pay very little, not only for a personalized trip itinerary or reservation booking but also for peace of mind, knowing that we are in your corner in case the smallest detail of your trip changes on a dime. That sort of security is truly priceless!

It’s hard to imagine a time when a travel advisor was this valuable. The details of travel have increased in complexity. With constantly changing Covid-19 testing protocols, border restrictions, and finicky flight schedules, even the most experienced traveler has been turning to the pros for a little extra guidance. Here’s yet another example…

"Last month, we sent a group of ladies to Sedona. Just 24 hours before they were to take off for their trip, one of our tour operators told us about a storm coming through town that would ruin a few of the experiences we had planned for them. In just a couple of hours, we did some last-minute swapping, so the outdoor activities were shifted to good-weather days of the weeklong trip. We were able to reschedule excursions around the storm instead of the entire week being ruined! The trip was a success, and they had an amazing time. They even had the opportunity to visit and enjoy both the Grand Canyon AND Antelope Canyon. Their trip pictures were magnificent."

Here is a fun 10-question test we found to see how you score on the “I-need-a-pro” scale. Give yourself one point for every question you answer in the affirmative

  1. Are you traveling outside your country’s borders?

  2. Will there be any connecting flights?

  3. Is it very important to get perks such as late checkout, restaurant reservations, or private access to museums? (Add a half-point for each additional perk checked.)

  4. Does anyone in your traveling party have allergies or any other special needs?

  5. Is anyone in your traveling party unvaccinated?

  6. Are you going to a location where you don’t speak the language?

  7. Do you plan to go to locations where internet or phone service is spotty?

  8. Are you traveling with a large group?

  9. Do you prefer a cultural travel experience over a resort-focused vacation?

  10. Is this a last-minute trip?



Last-minute flight and hotel deals are available at Expedia and other booking sites. But beware of complex cancellation policies: If something goes awry, you could have a tough time reaching a human to assist you.


But don’t feel the need to overspend. A generalist who’s part of a major travel consortium (Travel Leaders, for example) can get upgrades at hotels, keep you abreast of any changing Covid rules, and come to the rescue in case of complications.


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