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  • Victoria Bly

The Must-See Hidden Beaches of Brazil

Just like many tourists, if you desire to travel to Brazil, it’s probably heightened by the often talked about coastline and beaches. Considering all the hype over the country's coastal regions, many of the public beaches are densely populated. To experience the ideal beach vacation in Brazil, set out to find some of the more desolate beaches that are true gems to hang out at during your stay. In the following blog we’ve written about some of the must-see hidden beaches of Brazil that are calling your name!

1. Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco

There are 16 beaches in Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco. Of course, it could take weeks to explore each one. Volcanic rock formations create jagged cliffs where you'll spot spinner dolphins and sea turtles hugging its edges. The marine life there is one to be admired.

2. Raia da Pipa, Rio Grande Do Norte

Surfers have taken over this spot due to its perfect waves and tides. Bars and small beach shops align the streets and coast, while all on-lookers enjoy watching the marine life. Set up a spot on the sandy beach for some relaxation in the sun.

3. Cambury, São Paulo

This wealthier region of Brazil provides updated roads, modern hotels, eye-catching mansions, and much more. Camp out on the sandy beaches of Cambury Beach for a nap, or stroll through the small beach towns for an abundance of entertaining things to do. In the evening, check out some of the nation's award-winning restaurants for ethnic cuisine and a glass of local wine to fill your belly and delight your palate before catching the sunset.

4. Morro de São Paulo, Bahia

Visit this historic town, which was once ignored, but today is one of the must-see places in Brazil. The white sands and tropical climate bring in thousands of tourists every year. Take advantage of this coastline region and its five great beaches by staying in one of the many modernized hotels or guest houses.

5. Jericoacoara, Ceará

This resort town brings in an abundance of international vacationers, yet it still provides its guests with some hidden beach fronts and other great coastal features. Surrounded by desert, Jericoacoara, Ceará has sand dunes as high as the eye can see. From the top, you will see windsurfers and sandboarders. If you get there early enough or in the later hours of the day, you can view the magnificent sunrises or sunsets enjoyed by the natives on a near-daily basis.

These beaches each have their own flair and reason to visit! Let us know if you’ve been to one or plan to experience them in real life! We’d love to help you get there.

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