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Our Top 10 December Destinations

As November is well underway, our thoughts are all fixed toward one thing: squeezing in one more trip before the end of the year. Maybe you are like us, desperately in need of a getaway after the year we’ve had. Perhaps your PTO is close to expiry, or you have flight credits to use! Now that traveling is opening up worldwide, there are endless possibilities when thinking about where to visit and explore. We’ve compiled a list of 10 prime destinations for your last trip of the year! Each of these locations is open to fully vaccinated US citizens.


Whether you’ve been dying to visit Paris, the “City of Love,” for a romantic getaway, or to treat yourself to a relaxing stay in the countryside, France is sure to exceed expectations. Known for its delicious cuisine, architecture, art, and varied landscape, it’s no wonder why France is so commonly visited. With tepid temperatures and far fewer tourists, December is the perfect time to visit!

Breckenridge, CO

Calling all skiers and snowboarders! Besides Colorado’s breathtaking scenery, they also boast some of the very best slopes in the US. If you want to create some end-of-year memories interwoven with thrill and adventure, the Rocky Mountains in Colorado are your next stop!


Flying from the US to Thailand certainly isn’t the quickest trip, but this long-haul flight will be worth it the moment you step off the plane! Thailand is the tropical oasis of your dreams. Known for their breathtaking coastal islands, remote mountain villages, street food, and rich culture, a stay here will feel like you have stepped into a whole new world. Maybe even consider supporting a humane elephant sanctuary with a visit while you are there!

New Orleans, Louisiana

This city will throw a party for any occasion, and you can bet that Christmas falls onto that list! Another unique US destination, New Orleans, Louisiana, is one great experience after another. From the food to the music to the colorful parades in the street on any given day, you can’t visit New Orleans without letting loose and enjoying yourself. What a perfect way to end the year!


Are you hoping to explore a historically rich country on your next getaway? Austria offers unique historical sites such as The House of Hapsburg, where one of the most influential royal families in Europe lived for over three hundred years. Don’t just visit for the history though, make sure you get to see the Alps, one of the country's most incredible natural wonders!

Las Vegas, Nevada

If you want to end your year with a bang, Las Vegas is the destination for you! The weather typically sits around a comfortable 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but we all know it’s the indoor attractions that draw the crowds to Vegas. With casinos lining Las Vegas Boulevard and world-class entertainment available any night of the week, this destination is for the traveler seeking a good time!


What could be better than soaking up the sun in Hawaii? A trip to the Aloha State is a great way to fulfill your island dreams without leaving the US. Hawaiian hospitality mixed with the

island’s natural wonders all come together to create the ultimate relaxation experience. For all the surfers, make sure to book a trip to catch some of the best waves of the year and watch a gnarly surf competition!


When you think of a destination that is sure to stun visually does Canada come to mind? If not, you might want to consider a getaway to this gorgeous country to see for yourself just how picturesque it is. Whether you choose to visit an island off the coast of British Columbia, one of their provincial parks, or a fabulous city (Toronto, Vancouver, & Montreal), Canada has something for every sort of traveler. Good food, nature, city life, and scenic mountains are just the beginning of what draws people far and wide to Canada!


If you love music you can dance to, kind-hearted people, rich history, and some of the best coffee you’ll ever taste, then look no further for your December destination! Columbia’s colorful cities and natural wonders leave nothing to be desired for its visitors. Take a hike through the Andes, catch a football match, or get lost in the rich indigenous heritage. Whatever you do, don’t be surprised when you fall head over heels for Columbia!

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the perfect destination to help anyone overcome their winter blues! Relax on the beach or visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, a beautiful sanctuary and natural habitat for the Balinese long-tailed monkeys. From temples to markets to performances highlighting their rich heritage, this island has so much to discover. And if you’re looking for the perfect “instagramable” photo, make sure to pay a visit to the infamous “Bali swing.” Snap a shot to carry the memory of this beautiful place with you wherever you go!

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