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Global Stamp of Approval for Safety that YOU can Travel Safely

Recently, articles and press releases have been published about a new health and safety tactic for major public and private travel destinations around the world.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has created the world’s first ever Global Safety and Hygiene Stamp. This “certification” allows travelers to know which destinations and businesses around the world have taken advanced action in travel safety protocols.

Why Does this Matter?

The WTTC adopted safety regulations from both the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure that this stamp covers all bases. Areas of the stamp’s focus include physical distancing measures, deep cleaning standards, hygiene, etc.

The purpose of this stamp was to ensure that popular tourism destinations were focusing on the safety of their visitors in compliance with government standards and regulations.

On their Global Protocols publication, WTTC writes,

“WTTC will consider the perspectives of governments, health experts, the private sector, and travellers; working together on joint solutions and protocols to ensure that people are and feel safe. It is paramount to have common rules.”

The commonality in the regulations will help travelers to know that whether they’re traveling to a resort in Jamaica or touring around the city of Madrid, there are businesses in each location that have opted into this well-rounded global safety stamp.

To learn more about this safety stamp, click here.

What Destinations are Using these Protocols?

In order to get the stamp, the interested companies, countries, and destinations share their protocols with WTTC, which proves that their standards are honoring those constructed by the organization. Those that sign up must agree to continuing adherence to the Safe Travels protocols.

Since the launch of the Safe Travels stamp at the end of May, these destinations have come on board with WTTC:

Turkey, Bulgaria, Jamaica, Mauritius, Ontario (Canada), Portugal, Saudi Arabia and the Mexican destinations of Baja California Sur and Yucatan.

Cities that have received the WTTC Safe Travels stamp of approval include Barcelona, Cancun, Madrid and Seville.

To read WTTC’s press release from May 27th regarding the stamp, click here.

Thanks to WTTC and many complying governments and private businesses, it seems that we may see a great lasting effect on cleaner & safer tourism overall!

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