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Dream Now, Travel Later

This year has been full of many unexpected twists and turns. From the pandemic hitting and leaving most of us in our homes for days, weeks, and months on one of our very favorite things, travel, being canceled or postponed right before our eyes!

After months of waiting things out and weighing up all of the “pros and cons” to traveling again, we have decided that it’s time to have a perspective shift and get ready to explore. Instead of focusing on the fact that things have gone a little crazy, we want to invite you to focus on this statement with us: “Dream Now, Travel Later”

Let’s Be Honest

One of the best parts of traveling as a whole is the anticipation that you feel as you narrow down the specifics of what you have decided to do. The way your heart flutters as you press “book now!” and actually commit to your travel plans.

Choosing a location is one thing, a very important thing at that, but it is not the only thing. Most people don’t just say, “I want to go to Spain”, and have no clue what to expect. There’s something about envisioning yourself colliding with the unique culture, the delicious food, the historical sites, the dreamy hotels, and so much more that causes you to actually select that destination.

Dream Now, Travel Later

Although there are many places within the United States that we can easily access now, we may have to wait it out on actually traveling to most places outside of the States for a while. But that’s where the beauty of visualizing, planning, and executing your dream vacation comes in.

“When researchers have examined which parts of vacation bring us the most joy, it turns out that the period before a trip may be even more important than the trip itself.” The period before any trip is where the traveller begins to gather their Pinterest boards for all the must-sees, the to-die-for eats, all the super important things you need to know before going, and more. This is where the anticipation continues to rally up in your heart until the point where you are a week before the trip and SO ready to go.

Dreaming big now can not only save you precious time once you are there, but it can even save you money in the long run too.

The Logistics

With regulations being up in the air when it comes to what will happen in the future regarding access to certain places, we are trying our very best not to fret. Especially because there are so many reasons why travel is looking more and more hopeful!

Most airlines are now offering free changes and are willing to work with us when it comes to all things airfare. And because of airlines working with their customers in this way, let’s all take a deep breath, and know that if worst comes to worst, we will most likely be able to simply push back any trip until all is well and ready for your arrival.

If the pressure of the unknown is something that adds a little bit of stress to your plate, please know that’s why we are here. At GlobeSage, we are so into all the details and understanding the knitty-gritty of what’s going on in the travel industry.

We have heard from so many people that are ready to invest in their future selves by

dreaming now and traveling later! There are so many safety precautions going into making travel a smoother, more reliable, and feasible thing to do, so why not go ahead and start dreaming with us!?

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