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  • Victoria Bly

Best Places to Travel in October

Summer vacations are great for those beach destinations that are full of relaxation and sun, but there’s something about gearing up for Autumn travels that are unique and fun! There are so many festivals, Halloween parties, and dreamy landscapes to experience as the summer comes to an end and the crisp air comes! We’ve found 5 destinations that are the perfect October vacation spot for this fall!

1. Salem, Massachusetts

Where better to experience Halloween in its fullness than Salem! This is the birthplace of all things witchy. If you’re looking to embrace yourself in that, this is the place!

2. Cape Town, South Africa

If you are craving a bit of cooler weather, but you’re not ready for fall, this is the place for you! Spring will be making it’s beautiful way through Cape Town. There will be tons of blooms and beautiful things springing to life!

3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Balloon Fiesta is in October and it is the most photographed event in the world! It is literally one of the most beautiful sights to see. Everywhere you look there’s beautiful color filling the sky! There’s also perfect weather this time of year there!

4. Loreto, Mexico

This beachy city is SO underrated! There are tons of beautiful things to see and so many adventurous activities to try out. You’ve gotta go!

5. Aspen, Colorado

If you’re looking for adventure met with beauty this is the place for you! Colorado is filled with nature that takes your breath away, but this time of year the Aspen trees are especially gorgeous!

These places are different in many ways and unique in their own right. Most are easily accessible if you live in the US! You can totally book a last-minute vacay to these places and if you need some help, we are just a phone call away!

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