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A Year of Beautiful Travels - Dacoda Edition

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

2021 was a year full of surprises. The good kind and the non-preferable kind, but surprises nonetheless.

Amidst all of the uncertainty, one of the surprises I didn’t expect to be blessed with in 2021 was how much I got to travel and experience new things with friends and family. Here’s a little “Year in Review: Travel Edition” for you from me. I hope it inspires you to enter 2022 with the expectation that there is more beauty and adventure to be found than you might know!

February 2021: Galentine's Day in Florida

One of my best gal pals and I skipped the snow-flurried Northeast last February for a Galentine's trip in the sunshine. We spent February 14th and the days leading up to it basking in the sun on Deerfield Beach, dancing to jazz music that filled the streets of Delray, and laughing our heads off. What better way to spend the holiday?!

March 2021: A Getaway on Lake Lanier

Spending time with family always means traveling south for me, and I love it! When my sister had an Equestrian Competition scheduled for March, we took the opportunity to make it a family getaway in the mountains of North Carolina. I wish I could show you how the sunrise blushed the peaks in a rose color. Simply breathtaking!

April 2021: A Slice of Heaven in Colorado Springs

If you have not yet been to Colorado Springs, I would recommend it as your next getaway! One of my favorite places to go there is called the “Garden of the Gods.” The way that the red rocks thrust themselves into the sky with evergreens complimenting them all around is heavenly.

June 2021: Welcoming 23 in Vienna, Maine

Just a hop and a skip away from my home in Portland is an area of Maine called Vienna, home to beautiful lakes and lush greenery. I spent a few nights here at a friend’s cabin home for my birthday, paddle boarding around the lake and visiting local coffee shops. There are plenty of short hikes in the surrounding areas, so we were able to truly appreciate Maine’s scenic beauty.

August 2021: Sunshine in Southern California

Christie traveling to Alaska this summer meant I got to fly over to the West Coast to house and doggy sit for a couple of weeks. I spent my days visiting with friends from college, skipping through Disneyland for the first time, and dancing away at sunset on Newport Beach. I’m grateful for it!

September 2021: All Over British Columbia

After planning a trip to Haida Gwaii for a group of travelers, I was asked to come along to help coordinate the events. SAY NO MORE! I explored Vancouver and surrounding areas with a college mate beforehand and then spent 4 nights on the beautiful island of Haida Gwaii. I’d never heard of the Haida Nation before planning this trip, but WOW am I more than blessed for the opportunity to have gotten to know her land and her people.

December 2021: Christmas at Cocoa Beach

I am writing this blog while en route to Cocoa Beach, Florida with my family for Christmas. We’ve never done a tropical Christmas, but with all the changes that the past few years have brought us, we figured why not switch up the tradition a bit! We’re rolling with the surprises and adding a beachy Christmas to our 2021 memory bank.

Cheers to YOUR New Year. I pray that as you look back on 2021 and into 2022, you are able to find things to be grateful for and to hope toward.

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