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A Year of Beautiful Travels - Anna's Edition

2021 was life-changing. We entered the new year having just announced to our friends that we were expecting our first baby! The combination of my pregnancy and all of the COVID restrictions did not make it the easiest year to travel but we still managed to fit a few wonderful experiences and meaningful trips into the year.



The start of the year was a quiet one for travel. Our only trips for a few months had been to and from New York to visit my family, so by the time April came around, we started getting restless for a change of scenery. This led us to plan a road trip to Myrtle Beach to visit friends and their new baby. We made a couple stops along the way, staying with my family in New York and some close friends in Virginia. It was a sweet trip to me not only because of the destinations but also the lack of agenda on the way down. We were in no rush so we stopped when we wanted, visited cute coffee shops, listened to audiobooks, went for walks, and just enjoyed our time together. To me, a trip is all the better when the journey is just as meaningful as the destination.




In May, AJ and I had the chance to take a weekend away and escape to a little cabin on a lake in Rome, Maine - the same cabin we stayed in at the start of our honeymoon. A month-and-a-half before our son was due, we jumped at the chance for one last “us” trip before we became parents. It rained relentlessly during most of our stay giving us a very good excuse to keep the fire roaring. When it wasn’t raining, we drove down to the little town revisiting the same streets we wandered during our first week as newlyweds. It was a welcome trip down memory lane, thinking about all that had happened over the years. Those few nights in a cabin on the lake were rejuvenating. I can’t wait to take our son back to continue making memories!



This was our first real post-baby road trip! We did 15 hours from Maine to Ohio and our little guy couldn’t have done better. We basically moved into our friend's house in Troy, Ohio for two weeks enjoying sweet, sweet time with the most hospitable people. And let me tell you, their little town was a welcomed surprise! Downtown Troy was charming and full of small businesses. I spent a few days visiting the local shops, taking walks with friends, and settling in as a temporary regular at the local coffee shop. This trip was one of my favorite 2021 memories.



Much like our trip to South Carolina, we decided to take our time coming back home from Ohio. We visited friends along the way, and on the second to last day of our drive, we realized that Niagara Falls could be just a quick detour. AJ had only ever seen it from the Canadian side so we booked a hotel nearby and planned to go in the morning! I loved it even though Patrick didn't share my enthusiasm. The rushing water is so impressive and there’s something so fun about being able to look into another country just across a river. My newest bucket list item is to see it from the Canadian side. Time to get our little guy his passport!!

2021 taught us to take our time and enjoy the journey (even if that means stopping every two hours to feed a baby along the way!) It’s all just a part of the adventure. This year we hope to take our first flight as a family, and we already have a few destinations in mind! Whatever happens, I know we’ll find our way to new and exciting places, making memories we’ll hold on to for the rest of our lives.

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