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  • Anna Fowler

A Different Perspective on 2021 by Anna Fowler

As the year comes to a close I take some time to think over the past twelve months, how they were spent, and all that was accomplished within them. I try to be my own biggest fan when it comes to the goals I’ve set for myself and looking back over this past year I can confidently say that I am proud. Was this a strange year? Sure. Covid still looms its ugly head over our world, affecting travel and dominating the news and social media. But in my own personal world, the one that consists of my family, friends, and the city I live in, this year has been the best one yet.

This year, my son was born. His existence somehow makes me feel simultaneously like he’s been mine forever and like he’s brand new. The use of time shifts after becoming a parent. For instance, I never used to plan my days around a nap schedule or consider relocating my family based on when we want to have our next baby and whether or not we could stand to leave our midwives-practicing state. Everything changes. So far, it’s been changing for the better.

It’s remarkable how natural and equally foreign it feels but I’m thankful for the tug of unknown that waits for me when I blink my eyes open to my son’s voice every morning. Even the little things become significant when you spend most of your day engaging with someone who is experiencing the world for the very first time. I’ve never spent so much time considering sounds - like the sound of a sneeze, which causes him to stare, perplexed, into my face because he cannot understand how, and more importantly, why I would make such a noise! Or the rush of the faucet and then the look of delight when it dawns on him that this sound directly relates to playtime for a boy who loves the water.

I’ve never looked so intentionally at the roof of the forest and how you can stare at the sun through the protection of the canopy of trees overhead. Wonder is something my son has no lack of and it’s a seed in my life that I’ve begun to water. I know I had it in spades when I was young but then life became normal and all that once amazed me became insignificant. It’s not my fault, we all do it I think. But I am choosing now to open my eyes again with curiosity seeking every opportunity to be consumed by the beauty that is all around me again.

I have a few simple goals for 2022, stay curious, ask questions, enjoy the little things, and have as much fun as I possibly can. Cheers to the new year!

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