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2020 Silver Linings: Unexpected Blessings

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Written by: Victoria Bly

Whenever I stop to reflect on the year 2020 my heart is flooded with emotion. It’s important to allow ourselves time to grieve and process the way things may have gone completely upside down. And I also think it’s equally, if not more important, to ask ourselves some good questions. What am I grateful for? How did I grow? What would I have never been able to accomplish if 2020 didn’t happen the way it did? What have my silver linings been?

The word that comes to mind when trying to best explain this past year would be unexpected. At the beginning of June I graduated from college. The college I graduated from was very small and had a very tight knit community, but because of COVID, we ended our journey in a way that none of us could have imagined. The last 3 months of school were completed from our own apartments, and we were expecting to have an online graduation. (Let’s be honest, we were all a little underwhelmed at this idea because graduation is such a huge milestone!) Last minute, we were called and told that we were able to have a socially distanced live graduation, and the best part was our family was allowed to join us. This was a complete surprise and an unexpected blessing in the best way! We finished well with smiles on our faces.

Sometimes things happen, and we scratch our heads and wonder why. One of those things for me this past year was the unexpected loss of my jobs during COVID right after I had graduated. I went from being a full time college student and a part time employee, to an unemployed graduate with literally not one thing on my schedule. This was a very trying time for me… I was going through a lot physically and emotionally, but after about 3 months of rest my sweet friend, Dacoda, introduced me to Christie Costello. I had been praying for a very specific kind of job, but even more than that, a very specific kind of boss, and Christie has been such a massive blessing to me and my family this year. Working for GlobeSage, and Christie, has most definitely been a silver lining in our lives this past year.

Another significant silver lining from this past year would be my family's relocation. We were living in Arizona for about a year, but something just didn’t feel right in our hearts. After much prayer we decided to go ahead and move our whole lives to Texas. For the first time in all of our marriage we would be living in the same city as our family. We have been met with open arms and a community that we were in desperate need of. I’m currently pregnant, and the fact that we will be able to have our first little baby in a place that is filled to the brim with support, love, and friendship makes my heart smile. I am so incredibly grateful that we can wrap this year up knowing that we were loved well in Arizona and we will continue to be loved well in Texas. Community truly is a blessing.

There have been many unexpected things that have occurred in this past year, but whenever I look at all the things that hurt, I am also met with the reality of all the things that have blessed me. All of the silver linings have been what has kept me going this year, and I want to encourage you to ask yourself what the silver linings have been for you. Take a moment to share them with a friend or family member and be filled with gratitude! The best truly is yet to come, and I believe your year has been filled with unexpected blessings too!

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