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  • Anna Fowler

2020 Silver Linings: Time to Rest

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Written by: Anna Fowler

As it has for all of us, 2020 threw a lot of unexpected changes in my direction. At the end of 2019, my husband and I made the decision to move from upstate New York to Maine. I left my job in February 2020, and we made the move at the end of the same month. The plans that we had made and the connections we were excited to make were endless! As with any new beginning, you plan, you get excited, and you don’t entertain much possibility for things to go “wrong.” Almost as soon as we moved all of our belongings to our new home in Maine, the news started spreading, “Global pandemic,” “Stay inside,” “Wear a mask,” “No work,” “No socializing…” You were all there -- you get it.

In a moment, all that we had expected to happen was no longer a possibility. We had moved without securing jobs and figured we would just coast off of our savings and find starting positions -- easy! Not so easy, actually. Turns out that a pandemic isn’t the best time to job search.

Was it nerve wracking? In moments. Did it break us? No way. We dove headfirst into trust and believing in a God who wasn’t at all surprised by our circumstances.

We started working on house projects and, I kid you not, repainted just about every single

room in our 3,000 square foot house. We worked together and laughed together, making pretty unforgettable memories. In all that happened that we didn’t plan for, I’m most thankful that we didn’t move to Maine and then immediately rush into a brand new life without having time to sit in thankfulness for where we were. We got to pause. For the first time as a somewhat newly married couple, we had very few outside obligations or time constraints. We were given the opportunity to enjoy stillness, discovering things that we liked doing for fun as though we had slipped back into childlikeness once again.

I believe deeply in silver linings. I also believe in processing disappointments. But once the sadness has been sorted through, I’ve found that genuine beauty is often waiting right in front of our noses.

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