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2020 Silver Linings: Holiday Flight Prices

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

For many, holiday travel has always been popular. It’s one of the main times of the year that individuals or families can fully “unplug” and get into vacation mode. This year, though, there’s a bit of a twist. Usually we spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars towards booking flights during the holiday season. Surprisingly, we have found roundtrip flights to New York City around New Years Eve for just over $100! The same goes for roundtrip flights to Denver, Colorado, and San Diego, California around Christmas time.

What’s changed?

When we saw those super cheap flights our heads turned sideways at first. How could it be that at the time of year flights are typically the MOST expensive, they are actually quite affordable? The only reason we have come up with is that the price drops are because of the pandemic itself. According to SCF, “Air travel is down 70% from 2019. The number of flight searches is down over 50%.” We believe airlines are dropping their prices, hoping that people will continue to travel while feeling safe to fly for their holidays. One thing we know for sure is that these incredible prices will not last for future holidays to come…so we are encouraging all who are able to travel to take advantage of these deals!

The perfect time is now...

You may be wondering if it’s too late to secure flights at super cheap prices, but we actually think the perfect time to book is now! Right now is the time to get a good look at the various places you would feel comfortable going to during the pandemic, and then dive into securing those low-priced flights.

Whether you’re craving a beach side holiday, a mountain getaway, or a last minute trip to mom and dad’s for Christmas, the perfect time to buy your ticket is now.

And remember…

Almost all airlines are still generously waiving the change fees for most flight booking types. So if you’re getting close to your departure date and you feel the risk is just too high, there is the option to cancel your trip and use your ticket value to book later when you feel more secure.. Airline flexibility is one of the key reasons that we feel comfortable in recommending travel during this holiday season. Health and safety are always the priority, but when we can comfortably and carefully travel with ease, both physically and financially, we are all in!

Cheers to holiday travel at extremely affordable prices!

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